NEUROPULS pioneers a new era in edge computing, addressing the escalating demand for localized data processing. By harnessing neuromorphic computing principles and integrating advanced photonic security layers, NEUROPULS offers unprecedented energy efficiency, reduced latency, and enhanced security. This revolutionary project introduces novel materials for synapses/neurons and on-chip spiking sources, culminating in RISC-V compliant interfaces for seamless adaptability. With a state-of-the-art simulation platform, NEUROPULS is poised to achieve a remarkable two-fold increase in energy efficiency, setting a new standard for edge-computing systems. Join us in shaping a future where computing power meets efficiency and security head-on.

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VITAMIN-V project

Vitamin-V develops a complete RISC-V software stack for cloud services for Trustworthy Development of RISC-V based Cloud Services.

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The course (10 ECTS credits) is mandatory for the BSc-level program in Electrical Engineering and will be offered in the second period of the second year. The main topics of the course are: the Computer, whose architecture and operation, and the programming languages and techniques, to solve complex problems. The teaching will provide to the students […]

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Intel to Acquire Movidius

Accelerating Computer Vision through RealSense for the Next Wave of Computing. Interesting announcement from INTEL. Combined with Intel’s Existing Assets, Movidius Technology – for New Devices Like Drones, Robots, Virtual Reality Headsets and More – Positions Intel to Lead in Providing Computer Vision and Deep Learning Solutions from the Device to the Cloud … https://newsroom.intel.com/editorials/josh-walden-intel-editorial/

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02EYONL – Basi di dati e sistemi informativi aziendali

Il corso ha l’obiettivo di fornire la nozione di base di dati, intesa come insieme di archivi, e le metodologie per il loro progetto e realizzazione, nonché la loro integrazione in ambiente distribuito e di rete. Vengono inoltre introdotte nozioni sui sistemi informativi aziendali

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